Quality Kosher Supervision

Rabbi Aryeh Spero


Quality Kosher is an Orthodox supervision agency involved in providing serious and sensible kosher supervision. Our fidelity is to the Halachah and its application to those situations that arise. 

Our mashgichim are highly trained professionals who are devoted to their responsibilities. They send in their reports and convey their observations after each visit.  All of our mashgichim work other times in behalf of the major kosher agencies.  We do not rely on bitul for allowing something to become Kosher, nor do we accept any ingredient, such as gelatin or carmine, that has become unacceptable to the Orthodox community.

We are in constant contact with other Kosher agencies to ascertain what are the new challenges confronting the Kosher certification industry.  No decision at Quality Kosher is made without prior consultation with rabbinic authorities when highly technical questions surface.  We remain an independent agency and, while consulting with others and seeking their guidance, we have made no attempt to become an official member of any kosher trade organizations.

Quality Kosher believes in transparency and forthright openness and is available to answer any inquiries individual kosher consumers may have regarding specific products we certify. 

Getting Certified

Those companies wishing to get in touch with us regarding obtaining Kosher certification should contact Rabbi Spero at (330) 452-6480 or RabbiSpero@yahoo.com


Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Quality Kosher Supervision

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(330) 452-6480